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Thread: Beretta 1301 Tactical

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    I don't like either of those solutions.

    The sling mount Type 2 sticks out, and will catch on stuff. The paraclip is going to rattle.

    Quote Originally Posted by SeriousStudent View Post
    Regarding the M-Lok mount, I'll just use either of these:

    No drilling required.
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    Would this work?
    Samson AR15 mlok slung mount

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    Where's that Zhukov set up vid?

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    Never mind found it on FB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpyderMan2k4 View Post

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    I need a red/black zhukov package to complete the kit. Yes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Parf View Post
    I need a red/black zhukov package to complete the kit. Yes?

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    It's doable, but there would be a significant upcharge due to the $40 (or so) minimum for anodizing colors.

    In related news, blue adapter sets are in and should be live within a couple days.

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    The Nordic extension kit is back in stock at

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    I'd still like to see a 1301 Comp with an 18.5" vent rib barrel. Add the Nordic extension kit, the full compliment of Aridus 1301 accessories and a T2.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom_Jones View Post
    The Nordic extension kit is back in stock at
    Thanks Tom! I got the emails last night and amazingly they were still in stock this morning so I placed my order - Almost done with my build, just need:

    -Zhukov Aridus kit
    -MS1 QDM sling

    Was thinking of a brighter/contrasting front sight (few pages back I believe the Blitzkrieg product was recommended, although I would love to see pics of it on a 1301T), and maybe a metal charging handle, but other than that once I get my extension and forend kit and slinged up I am all ready to throw boxes of lead through, and take some tactical shotgun courses - So glad I got mine when they were still $650 a few months back...

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