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  1. Combat Absolute Basic Pistol (Open Enrollment) Nov 24, 2019 Boise, ID

    Combat Absolute will be running an eight hour "basic" pistol course on November 24, 2019 in Boise, Idaho. Course fee: $110

    Course information and enrollment is available at
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    So far so good with my SRO's

    Just throwing my two cents in in regard to the SRO. So far, my two SRO's have been spot on perfect. The buttons are definitely stiff on both, but they work as they should. They are both 2.5 MOA...
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    Another recommendation

    I recently retired from a law enforcement career. Just before I got out, I had two Glock model 45 "work" pistols milled and cerakoted by Mod1 Firearms in Kentucky. I know some other LEO's at my...
  4. Combat Absolute Advanced Pistol (Open Enrollment) Nov 3, 2019 Boise, ID

    Advanced Pistol November 3, 2019, 9 am to 5 pm, with Combat Absolute. Training is open enrollment format, and training will take place at private range located 15 minutes east of Boise, ID. Course...
  5. Combat Absolute LEO/MIL Appreciation Day/ $20 Enrollment Nov 8, 2019 Boise, ID

    Combat Absolute will be holding a special "appreciation day" for active duty military or current law enforcement personnel. This course has a low enrollment fee of $20, for a full day of advanced...
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