pistol-forum.com Rules

I. Mission statement:

The mission of pistol-forum.com is to serve as a professional resource for the exchange of information and ideas on the use of the pistol (and other firearms) in self defense, in an armed profession, and in competition. Through the respectful exchange of concepts and information we hope to be a resource that everyone from the accomplished professional to the relative novice can use to refine their ideas and practices to produce the best possible results for their situation.

II. General rules of conduct:

To further the goals of the site as specified in the mission statement, we have developed a code of conduct that we expect members of pistol-forum.com to abide by at all times. Failure to abide by the rules of the site can result in suspension or even termination of your posting privileges.

Under absolutely no circumstances should you ever:

  • Post derogatory comments of a racial, religious, or sexual nature.
  • Post comments in support of criminal violence or other illegal activities, including illegal modifications of firearms.
  • Post comments that threaten harm to law enforcement officers, members of the military, government officials, other members, or the public at large.
  • Post someone elseís personal information without permission, or attempt to interfere with someoneís personal/professional life based on web forum discussion.
  • Clutter a thread with extraneous nonsense unrelated to the topic.

When involved in discussions we expect you to:

  • Remain polite and professional in your conversation with others. Demeaning, insulting, and berating other members will not be tolerated. You are free to disagree, but do so respectfully and with humility.
  • Heed direction from pistol-forum.com staff. The volunteer members of staff have been entrusted with the responsibility of protecting the forumís value to the membership. Your cooperation with them in the effort to make this an outstanding resource is greatly appreciated.
  • Show patience with new members who may be unfamiliar with the culture or features of the site. Offering good-natured guidance to new members is encouraged and appreciated.
  • Use the report function to alert members of staff to behavior that is not consistent with the conduct we expect of our membership. If someone is out of line, report them. Do not sink to their level.
  • Try to use proper English to aid in the comprehensibility of the forum
  • Abstain from any inter-forum warfare. Do not say mean things about other forums or people from other forums. We are here to discuss ideas, not personalities.
  • Try to keep threads on topic.
  • Abstain from posting, or linking to, Not-Safe-For-Work content (pictures, websites, etc.). This would include use in avatars, signatures, etc.
  • No whining, please.
  • Disclose any commercial interest you have in a product or vendor. This can be done in your signature.
  • Abstain from complaining about a problem with a product you aren't willing to contact the manufacturer about.
  • Understand that due to the current political climate, pistol-forum.com staff can and will at any time, move political discussions to our Politics Discussion which is limited to Site Supporters only.

    III. A note about "astroturfing"

    We require disclosure of industry ties/links on this forum as a way of helping our membership determine the validity of advice and opinions that are shared on the forum. If we find that someone who is giving rave reviews of a product or service has an interest in that product/service that they have not disclosed, we will immediately ban them. If we find that someone has signed up for the forum solely to push their product/service in discussions, we will immediately ban them. If we find that someone has created multiple accounts, one to advertise a product/service and the other shell accounts to generate rave reviews for the product while appearing to be customers, we will immediately ban them. To be perfectly clear: We despise astroturfing and will mercilessly crush it on this forum.

    IV. Profanity

    In order to keep PFC a professional and orderly forum, please limit obscene and vulgar language as much as possible. If a staff member feels the content of your post is unnecessarily vulgar, it may be edited without notice.

    V. Inter-forum warfare

    Pistol-forum will not tolerate Inter-forum warfare. Inter-forum warfare is grounds for an immediate ban.

    Inter-forum warfare includes a member soliciting other members to post comments on another forum or a member soliciting forum members at another forum to join pistol-forum for the sole purpose of joining an argument or ridiculing other contributors.

    VI. User Content License

    You grant pistol-forum.com and its users a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide limited license to use, store, display, reproduce, modify, perform, and translate your Content solely for the purposes of operating, developing, providing, and using pistol-forum.com. This includes without limitation distributing part or all of pistol-forum.com in any media formats through any media channels, except Content not shared publicly ("private") will not be distributed outside pistol-forum.com.

    ***NOTE: The pistol-forum.com code of conduct is subject to revision and addition at the discretion of the pistol-forum.com owners and staff.