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Tony Mayer
01-23-2021, 12:22 PM


WE'RE MOVING! We have made the decision to move our business to TEXAS! While we are going to have to take a 2 week period (February 22nd - March 5th) to physically move our crew and shop into our new Texas location this will mainly affect Quick Ship orders only and probably no more than an extra week of lead time. Please bear with us during this transition as we will be answering the phone and emails as best we can during the actual move.

WE'RE HAVE A MOVING CLEARANCE SALE! Sale is first come first serve with savings of 25% (price includes shipping) on the select holsters in the PDF link below. These are in-house "oops" (order color mistake, order carry side error, etc.) or customer returns.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE CLEARANCE PDF (https://www.dropbox.com/s/lucqg52yxkrsyjc/MovingClearanceSale2021_Flyer.pdf)

If you are interested send an email to sales@jmcustomkydex.com with the following details:

Holster number (1-50)
Belt loop size and style preferences
Name mailing address email and phone number

We'll contact you by phone or email to confirm your request is available. Once your clearance holster order is approved it will ship in 2-4 business days. PDF will be updated with the latest availability daily at 5pm Pacific until sale ends. All clearance purchases are final and are not returnable.

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01-23-2021, 06:11 PM
GTT Congratulations!

01-23-2021, 07:11 PM
Welcome! Just out of curiosity, where in Texas? It's a big place, if you haven't heard. :)

Savage Hands
01-23-2021, 07:18 PM
Congratulations! Loving my new WC 2.5 Long Boi!

01-23-2021, 07:52 PM
Congrats on the move!

Unfortunately, I was at work today and was too late to get the holster I wanted. :( I'll live. :)

01-23-2021, 08:02 PM
Tony, best of luck with the new location!

01-23-2021, 08:07 PM
Snagged a holster for a gun I don't own yet. Deals a deal.

01-23-2021, 11:24 PM
I hadnít intended to try appendix carry just yet, but with a sale on an AIWB Wing Claw 2.5 for my daily carry gun, I think Iíll give it a try.

Tony Mayer
01-24-2021, 12:26 PM
Thanks everyone for the support of our move!! Going to be a hectic month or so but will be worth it to have a bigger shop than I have now that's 25' from my front door in and area that really likes America!! We did stick the custom lead times out there a bit to cover that 2 week period we physically moving but once we are set up in the new shop, expect custom lead times to come down quite a bit as well as quicker quick ship time frames. That's the plan anyway!

And the town is Bells, TX, about 15 mins east of Sherman and an hour and 15 north of Dallas!

01-24-2021, 01:08 PM
Any chance of an order from 12/31 shipping before the move?

Tony Mayer
01-25-2021, 03:09 PM
Any chance of an order from 12/31 shipping before the move?

Probably !

01-25-2021, 03:30 PM
Sadly I missed out on the holster I wanted but itíll get ordered soon.