View Full Version : Light Wing! WML Holster Wing

Dark Star Gear
07-19-2020, 01:21 PM
We finally have our Light Wing! Like the Dark Wing, we shared the mold with another local, C&G, to bring something to market that suits our needs and design thoughts. It shares the same third hole that allows the wing to be secured independent of the holster tension adjustment, it is sized to fit on the common screw posts, eliminating the play many complain about with others, and accepts a standard truss head screw so you can snag spares at any hardware store should you lose them. The Light Wing can replace other popular wings for most full size lights, as well as many of the sidecar style holsters using the ModWing-L.

Light Wing (https://darkstargear.com/product/light-wing/)

They are available in bulk for stores and holster makers.