View Full Version : "ToddG for Beginners" by ford.304

03-27-2012, 08:43 AM
As a relatively new shooter, I've learned a lot from reading pistol-training.com and the forums here. However, also as a new shooter, I've occasionally felt very intimidated trying to run the current drills of the week. Trying to run "Press Six" as your first ever press-out drill is not going to be a very successful endeavor (nor was it ever intended to be). I recently discovered, in going through the older archives, that some of the original posts on pistol-training were more novice-oriented. However after nearly five years of posting, they have become somewhat buried. So I dug them up and organized them, and am posting them here to help other newcomers to the sport. I am currently working through this exact list in my own training regimen, and so far am finding it very helpful.

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