View Full Version : WTS: Two 9mm M&P 1.0s for sale

01-15-2019, 08:42 PM
Clearing out two guns I don't really shoot or carry anymore.

I will post pictures soon but the guns look like every other M&P. Can meet locally in the northern DFW area, or will ship to a FFL on your dime.

9mm Full Size M&P 1.0: $500

First is a full-size 9mm M&P 1.0. It was my USPSA Production gun for a while before I replaced it with a Pro; it's been mostly a nightstand gun since then.

The good: Has the updated sear block. I believe it has the updated extractor because it never choked on WWB but I don't know for sure. I have added an Apex hard sear & Apex ultimate striker block. It also has a set of Warren Tactical fiber optic sights on it.

The bad: I installed the sights myself when I was younger and more impatient, and got a little rough with the punch. The sights are a little dinged up as a result but they are centered.

9mm M&P 1.0 Compact: $350

Next up is the M&P Compact. It is old enough that it had the old extractors that didn't like WWB ammo, and the old sear block. S&W replaced the sear block. Gun is stock except for a sear taken from an M&P Pro, which cleans up the trigger nicely. I also blacked out the rear dots with black nail polish.

The bad: I did a stipple job on the front strap that...I'm not proud of. It's plenty grippy, it's functional, it just doesn't look great. If you want me to throw in some grip tape to cover it up I will do that :D