View Full Version : 224 Valkyrie - factory Federal 75/90 compared to Nosler 80 CC loads

12-23-2018, 09:31 PM
Reloading press used (list modifications if relevant):Dillon 550 but weighed charges on Hornady digital powder dispenser/scale
Caliber:224 Valkyrie
Bullet (Weight, Coating, Profile, Manufacturer): Nosler 80 Grain Custom Competition - BTHP
Powder manufacturer, type and charge; volume, type (ball, stick, flake): 26.0 CFE 223
Dies used: Lee rifle dies with factory crimp
Primers used: Federal Small Rifle
Cartridge Overall Length (COAL): 2.26
Chronograph data (if possible): NA
Goals intended with this load: Target
Results - accuracy, smokiness, clean burning, flash, temperature, smell, brass deformation, etc.: 1/2 inch group at 100 yards
Problems encountered and fixes applied: None
Anything of interest: Federal Factory American Eagle 75 shot 1.5+ inch and Federal 90 Fusions shot about 3 inch in same upper

I like alternative caliber ARs and so I built a 20 inch AR upper with a Bison Armory "scratch and dent" 20 inch 1-6.5 stainless barrel, BCM "blem" upper, and a Thanksgiving special price ALG freefloat handguard. I try to buy AR parts when they have specials. The Federal factory fodder is disappointing so I was excited that my first 224V reloads shot so well. After zeroing at 100, I went to the 300 and 500 yard ranges and the loads shot well. However, 224V 80 grains do not impress on steel at 500 yards - steel barely moved and it was foggy/rainy so not much splash to see.

Picture is sideways but "top" = Federal Factory 75, "middle" = Federal Factory 90 Fusion, "bottom" = my reloads with Nosler 80 CC, all 5 shot groups