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11-24-2018, 05:06 PM
In October 2016 I bought a used Kimber Warrior in 45acp. This Kimber was sent to Evolution Armory in November 2016 and the following work was performed.
-25 LPI checkering front strap
-Delux trigger job using Harrison Design parts and a 10-8 flat faced trigger.
-Plain Black 10-8 sights
-EGW thumb safety+ fit and blend
-EGW magwell
-matte black Ion Bond

I contemplated getting a new barrel for this gun, but was told I didnít need one. They would have gladly sold me one, but I was told that the factory barrel was good.

Essentially the pistol was rebuilt. I got it back near the end of January, beginning of February 2017 and I believe I have taken it to the range once or twice. I have dry fired it several times with snap caps.

Comes with three Wilson Combat 47D magazines and I will ship in a soft case. I have the build sheet from Evolution Armory and will provide potential buyers with my information if they want to contact them to verify I had them perform the above work.

I have almost $2600 into this pistol between purchase of the pistol, transfer fees, and gunsmithing. If I was going to do a sale of the pistol I would like $2200 with shipping being split between buyer and seller.

I have a majority of my allowance from the wife tied up in toys so to get something new Iím forced to trade. I would like to get trade value in the same ballpark.

Trades: I donít have anything specific in mind. Trade ideas +/- cash.
-Would like to stick to 9mm for pistols
-Would prefer to stay with 223/556 or 308 or 6.5CM for rifles.
-Not interested in basic ARs or Glocks. Exception being a Glock 45 9mm
-CZ Shadow II
-Hudson H9
-STI 2011
-LTT Beretta 92
-Beretta 92a3
-Beretta APX
-Revolvers I like them S&W or Colt .38 or .357
-Pistols cut for RMRs or other optics
-If you have something else let me know Thanks. I have more pictures.

12-07-2018, 09:43 PM
Still looking to trade

12-26-2018, 06:00 PM
Still looking to trade or sell