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Hansohn Brothers
06-26-2017, 10:38 AM
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AAC’s standard-setting 9mm pistol silencer is back; now in a modular format - the Ti-Rant 9M. The sweet sound users have loved for nearly a decade is now available in a user-configurable design. With no tools required, users are able to quickly and easily configure the patented design of the Ti-Rant 9M as either a full-sized 8 inch silencer when sound reduction is paramount, or a 5.8 inch compact model when the overall system length trumps discretion. One tax stamp. Two silencer configurations. The 9M replaces the legacy Ti-Rant 9 and Ti-Rant 9S.


Caliber: .22 LR and 9mm
Material: Ti main tube, 7075-T6 aluminum front module, 17-4 stainless blast baffle, 7075-T6 aluminum baffle stack
Length: 8" or 5.8”
Diameter: 1.4”
Weight: 9.3 or 7.7 ounces
Mount: Piston, 1/2x28 and M13.5LH included

Hansohn Brothers
04-03-2019, 12:01 PM
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