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CS Tactical
10-10-2016, 06:53 PM
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Order your STI International handguns here at CS Tactical! Here's a DVC Open 5.0 in 9mm with a Mounted C-More 6MOA Dot Sight for $3,599.00 shipped to your FFL (All local, state and Federal laws apply) Call us at 916.670.1103 for more details and Pistol-Forum Member pricing!
Signifcant weight has been removed from the DVC slide in every possible way to better increase cycle rate, and the improved compensator alleviates muzzle jump. The barrel is finished with Titanium Nitride to increase surface hardness, lubricity and wear properties. The new sear and hammer design give the gun a crisp consistent trigger with a shorter reset. Responsive handling and control is had by way of specialty texturing done by Extreme Shooters to give the shooter enhanced grip and improved ergonomics. The DVC is the epitome of what a competition gun should be. Letís go raciní!

New Overall Look, New Hammer, 2.5 lb Trigger
New Sear and Trigger Mechanism
Dawson Tool Less Guide Rod
Hard Chrome Finish
Comes with 2 Magazines

New Slide Cuts Mean Less Forward Recoil and Enhance Distinctive Look
Lighter Weight Than Previous Top of the Line STI Comp Model
Titanium Nitride Finish Barrel and Compensator
Reversible, Dual Detent Slide Racker
Mounted C-More 6MOA Dot Sight