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  7. The Mat Does Not Lie
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  9. repping drills vs. fun rolling
  10. What should a n00b look for in a BJJ gym/instructor?
  11. Get Back To your Feet
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  14. Optimizing Position for Grappling in a Weapons Based Environment
  15. Interesting article on wrestling history
  16. Deaths in the ring...
  17. Standards; How Do You Know You Are Competent
  18. Effectiveness of Polarized Training for conditioning
  19. Smaller Saps?
  20. Source for learning basic punches:
  21. Real world gun grapple
  22. God Blessed Texas 9/1/19
  23. Psychology of Trauma and Self-defense training
  24. Heavy Bag for Achy Joints?
  25. Hard Control vs Soft Control
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  27. I sucked at Jiu-jitsu - a personal anecdote
  28. Is the "roll of quarters" trick actually a thing?
  29. MMA at 45 years old.
  30. Unarmed Training for the old(ish) and broken(wish) fellow
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  32. How often do you spar hard?
  33. Retention Shooting in an Entanglement - a video
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  36. YouTube interview with me
  37. 3 Fatal Focuses of Training
  38. Fighting the invisible enemy: Shadowboxing
  39. ShivWorks Youtube Channel
  40. Rear Naked Choke: A video on some fallacies
  41. Forget that Cecil guy... Paul Sharp is the new Hotness...
  42. How to edged weapons training
  43. Bites
  44. Gis for husky kids.
  45. Podcast/article on phased reopening of BJJ/MA gyms...
  46. Family guy Karate montage
  47. Good video of belligerent taken down and pinned
  48. Century Light Padded "Bag Gloves" - Any Good? Use for What?
  49. Handwrap storage and use - rolled up or messy storage? What storage bag?
  50. Training for ECQC in a BJJ gym
  51. Stretching and Flexibility for BJJ
  52. P-Fondler tool (approved by LL)
  53. Updating My 2020 Seminar Schedule
  54. Anyone here like half guard?
  55. Free standing striking bag and grappling dummies?
  56. Cecil Burch 2020 Revised Seminar Schedule
  57. The Gracie's Discuss "Should 'Chokeholds' Be Banned"
  58. Effectiveness: Sprays vs. masked assailant
  59. 62 isn't too old for this S***
  60. 'Rona attack
  61. Stand in base from prone
  62. Essential defensive wrestling techniques?
  63. OC Spray - Operational Test Procedure & Periodicity?
  64. Spears!
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  66. Kali
  67. Push Daggers and Boxing - a nice mix
  68. RFI: Alliance BJJ Venice FL
  69. ()$(_+_% Stun Guns!
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  71. BJJ Tips - Grips and Hips
  72. Why did you get started/what keeps you at it?
  73. Small town problems--whether to bother with training
  74. Got in a fight on the way home from work; too old for this; perhaps pepper spray?
  75. Knee wraps
  76. Study on locked in “chokes” to unconsciousness timeline
  77. Webinar - BJJ in a Weapons Based Environment (halfguard) March 21, 2021
  78. ASP/Stickfighting trainers in the DFW area?
  79. CTE protection from collar like device (not a helmet/headgear) (linked article)
  80. Nice article on BJJ for Anyone
  81. Smoke em if you got em.
  82. OC spray and the expiration dates
  83. Webinar - Grappling For Self-Defense 2 : Escaping From Underneath 6/22/21
  84. CCW Safe Podcast with Chuck Haggard: OC Spray
  85. Cecil, Paul, and Craig Are Pushers
  86. UFC Discussion Thread.
  87. Let's talk about Gi vs. No-Gi
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  90. FBI/Fairbairn system video
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  92. I took my first BJJ class yesterday - what advice would you give a neophyte?
  93. Bas Rutten stand up seminar this morning
  94. The Clipdraw: can anyone speak to how they’ve fared in FoF training?
  95. An article on BJJ in the Atlantic iin all places!
  96. Leg Locks don't work