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  1. Graith Specialist.2 Belt (Update Page 24)
  2. Graith x ShivWorks Specialist.2 (Update Page 9)
  3. MMT Specialist Belts Now in More Colorways
  4. Wedges Are Back
  5. New Mastermind Duty and Specialist Underbelt
  6. Two-Point Slings Are Back
  7. Holsters in the works
  8. Specialist Covert: Now Available
  9. Mastermind AIWB Holster: Now Available
  10. Promos and Re-Stock Notifications
  11. Welded Steel D-Ring AIWB Belt
  12. New Lower Pricing
  13. PF Edition Specialist
  14. Specialist Pro Tribute
  15. Low Pro Mag Pouch
  16. New TQ Pouch AIWB/IWB
  17. Multicam Black Specialist Pro Limited Run
  18. Annual Cheap Gear Sale
  19. All New Multi-Purpose Pouch
  20. MultiCamŽ Limited Run Specialist Pro