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  1. GONE! Free Karma Giveaway: Benchmade Griptilian Folder Knife
  2. GONE! Free Karma Give Away Part II: Aero Precision Stripped Lower
  3. GONE! Free Karma Give Away Part III: Ferro Concepts Dangler
  4. GONE! Free karma Give Away IV: Cooper & Lamb
  5. GONE! Free KARMA Giveaway: Part V, Magpul/Noveske Johnny Mag
  6. GONE! Free Karma Giveaway - Dale Fricke AIWB Holster for Glock 17
  7. GONE! Free Karma Giveaway! TT Gunleather M&P Holster
  8. GONE! Free Karma Giveaway Part XXIIV.....Paracord Bracelets
  9. Karma!
  10. GONE! Dark Star Gear AIWB (RH) holster and mag pouch for SIG 2022.
  11. GONE! MOAR Free Book
  12. GONE! Free Karma Giveaway! Saddleback Leather Credit Card Wallet
  13. GONE! Glock Field Knife - Coyote
  14. GONE! WINNER!Gestalt Holster from Custom Carry Concepts
  15. GONE! JM Custom Kydex G17 AIWB Single Mag Pouch
  16. GONE! Ares Aegis XL Urban / Stainless
  17. GONE! Thanksgiving Giveaway!
  18. GONE! Tactical Solutions Glock .22 conversion kit
  19. GONE! Pachmayr Compac Professional Grips for K/L frame
  20. GONE! Emerson Tanto Folder
  21. GONE! Twelve Days of Karma, Day 1: Eleven 10 Gear TQ Case for SOFTT-W
  22. GONE! Twelve Days of Karma, Day 2: HK Trigger Return Spring Installation Tool
  23. GONE! 50 rounds of 124 grain +P GDHP
  24. GONE! Twelve Days of Karma, Day 3: VanGuard 2 Holster - Advanced Kit
  25. GONE! Twelve Days of Karma, Day 4: Coin Sap
  26. GONE! LH Raven Concealment pocket holster for Glock 26/27
  27. GONE! Twelve Days of Karma, Day 5: 1.5" Atlas G-Hook Belt, black, size L
  28. GONE! Twelve Days of Karma, Day 6: Halloran Knives Pikal
  29. GONE! LEO ONLY -- TacMed UMK with Bridge -- LEO ONLY
  30. GONE! Twelve Days of Karma, Day 7: Two ModuLoader Pocket Shields
  31. GONE! Twelve Days of Karma, Day 8: Klarus XT2C XM-L U2 Cree LED Flashlight
  32. GONE! Twelve Days of Karma, Day 9: Garmin Zumo 450 motorcycle GPS
  33. GONE! Twelve Days of Karma, Day 10: Vertx Pants, size 35x34
  34. GONE! Ares Ranger Belt - Black/Black - 40"L
  35. GONE! Twelve Days of Karma, Day 11: JRC AIWB holster for Glock 17/22
  36. GONE! Twelve Days of Karma, Day 12: Ontario Knife Ranger Kerambit EOD
  37. GONE! Glock Grip Force Adapter
  38. GONE! Who here has a Surefire 7.62 suppressor?
  39. GONE! Benchmade Griptillan Knife
  40. GONE! Start of Trauma Kit
  41. GONE! Suarez International - Terrorist Interdiction Bag(s)
  42. GONE! Three Pistol Bore Stores
  43. GONE! OSOE Belt Mounted Shotgun Shell Pouch
  44. GONE! Ring's P30 Blue Gun
  45. GONE! Browning gun book!
  46. GONE! USP .45 full size - 2 factory mags
  47. GONE! Custom Carry Concepts $25 Giftcard
  48. GONE! Dale Fricke IWB mag pouch for Glock 17
  49. GONE! Wilderness 1.5" Titanium Instructor Belt - 34"
  50. GONE! OSOE Velcro Backed Rifle and Pistol Magazine Card
  51. GONE! Karma: 2 RCS PX4 holsters
  52. GONE! JM Custom Kydex AIWB S&W Shield
  53. GONE! RCS Phantom for Sig 229 w/ TLR-1
  54. GONE! Ares Ranger Belt - Black/Black - 40"L
  55. GONE! Maxpedition Falcon II
  56. GONE! Walther PPQ standard capacity mags, brand new
  57. GONE! Arcteryx LEAF XXL gray/wolf chopper shirt
  58. GONE! Flash Karma and Tracking Numbers....
  59. GONE! Different Stuff
  60. GONE! NSR Keymod Direct Rail Attachment System
  61. GONE! Two JMCK G17 holsters.
  62. GONE! LA Police Gear Pistol Case
  63. GONE! Free knife #2
  64. GONE! K-var OD green US made AK stock set
  65. GONE! AFAK- Ankle First Aid Kit
  66. GONE! Volund Gearworks Atlas Belt
  67. GONE! Black & Orange Pistol Training Baseball Cap - Size SM/MED
  68. GONE! Mag Carrier
  69. GONE! Armiger Solutions Holster
  70. GONE! Free knife #3
  71. GONE! Springfield xd mag
  72. GONE! Alien Gear Holster for a CZ P07 Duty
  73. GONE! Two Appendix Holsters for HK P2000
  74. GONE! Free Leather Bianchi OWB holster
  75. GONE! Cobra Ginskins owb PX4 holster
  76. GONE! Dawson Sights for Glock
  77. GONE! Kydex tuckable IWB holster fits Walther PPK/S
  78. GONE! J-Frame Clip-on IWB/AIWB
  79. GONE! Black Wilderness 5-stitch, size 36
  80. GONE! HK P2000 Trijicon HDs
  81. GONE! Set of SigLite Night Sights #8
  82. GONE! AFAK- Ankle First Aid Kit - Black
  83. GONE! Atlas G-Hook slim Belt
  84. GONE! 33" wilderness coyote 5 stitch
  85. GONE! TLG's Rampage for the Cure Mag Carrier give away
  86. GONE! Safariland 6378 ALS for Sig P229R
  87. GONE! Free Knife #4
  88. GONE! GlockTriggers.com Gen 4 EDGE
  89. GONE! Magpul Angled Fore Grip 2 for Picatinny
  90. GONE! Condor Tactical pants 32x32
  91. GONE! Glockmeister Deep 6 Comp Trigger Reset Kit (training aid)
  92. GONE! Luminox F-35
  93. GONE! FourSevens Quark Tactical QTA (pre-Surefire lawsuit)
  94. GONE! Chris Reeve 5.5 Green Beret
  95. GONE! FIST #1K thin kydex IWB RH holster for Sig P239
  96. GONE! 357mag 135 GDHP (short barrel)
  97. GONE! Mag pouch
  98. GONE! 10/22 Champion Extended Magazine Release
  99. GONE! RCS ModuLoader Pocket Shield
  100. GONE! JMCK IWB #2 Light Bearing for P30+X300
  101. GONE! Liberty Lubricant Sets
  102. GONE! Holster give away
  103. GONE! Grip Force Adapter
  104. GONE! TWO spots in "Unthinkable" by William Aprill in Dallas on July 9th
  105. GONE! MOAR Free Watch
  106. GONE! Ameriglo ASH556 signature sights (TCAP/Defoor) Glock.
  107. GONE! Blue Force Gear Tourniquet NOW! Strap, times 2
  108. GONE! Midget Pants
  109. GONE! 18rd P229/9 9mm Magazine
  110. GONE! Glock 30 Tupperware box without lid
  111. GONE! Free Knife #5
  112. GONE! JM Custom Tuckable Kydex AIWB for Walther PPS M2
  113. GONE! Beretta 92 Box O' Goodies
  114. GONE! PC Gamers! A Deluxe Copy of 'Rainbow Six: Siege'
  115. GONE! Volund Gearworks ATLAS Belt
  116. GONE! JMCK "George" for a Sig P232, RH AIWB; excellent condition
  117. GONE! Ameriglo Operator night sight for Glock 9mm
  118. GONE! Glock Gen4 G17/22 backstraps
  119. GONE! Beretta 92 Hogue Extreme G10 Grips
  120. GONE! Site Supporters Only Contest! * JM AIWB, DSG AIWB, Boker Coye Custom *
  121. GONE! Pay It Forward: Comic Book Giveaways
  122. GONE! Raven Eidolon Holster for Glock 17
  123. GONE! JM IWB1 G17 RH -- SEPA
  124. GONE! Two S&W 59XX magazines
  125. GONE! CCC Shaggy for G17
  126. GONE! Factory Sig P220 grips
  127. GONE! Steve Anderson's book - refinement and repetition
  128. GONE! HK 10-8 Rear Sight
  129. GONE! Beretta 92 factory grips
  130. GONE! Hogue grips 92 compact
  131. GONE! Sig E2 grip for P226
  132. GONE! SAK for a kid, or maybe kids
  133. GONE! J frame Hogue bantam grips (pink)
  134. GONE! Free Knife #6
  135. GONE! P229 9mm 10 round magazines...brand new!
  136. GONE! Surefire M3 Combatlight
  137. GONE! Colt marked rear Troy BUIS
  138. GONE! Magpul Rail Light Mount
  139. GONE! Fixed Blade CRKT job
  140. GONE! Mag Carrier
  141. GONE! Mad Dog Kydex mag pouch
  142. GONE! Youth stock for long-action Remington 700
  143. GONE! Raven Concealment Dual Battery Pouch
  144. GONE! 1911 in 8mm
  145. GONE! DSG Clinch Pick Belt Sheath
  146. GONE! Both have homes, thx for looking. 2 556/223 mil spec charging handles
  147. GONE! Seagate FreeAgent 1.5 TB External Harddrive
  148. GONE! Unused M&P 9/40 DCAEK kit
  149. GONE! JRC AIWB P-30
  150. GONE! SOFTT - Not Wide
  151. GONE! Dillon C100 Cartridge Counter
  152. GONE! 5.11/Bladetech P229 Training Barrels
  153. GONE! Raffle: Lum-Tec Combat B28 24H Military Watch
  154. GONE! JMC M&P Shield AIWB
  155. GONE! Flash karma - Gerber AR 3.0 knife
  156. GONE! Benchmade Osborne Barrage
  157. GONE! Hogue Screws 226 228 229
  158. GONE! Free Knife #7
  159. GONE! 38 rds of 7.65 X 54 Argentine ball ammunition
  160. GONE! Streamlight 69300 Remote switch for Glock
  161. GONE! Factory Glock rear sight pusher tool for site supporters (Karma drawing)
  162. GONE! Smelly Smoker Casio G-Shock G100-1BVWT
  163. GONE! FREE! High Noon Mr Softy for Sig P228, Bare Asset for Sig P239
  164. GONE! MGW hk ups/ p2000 sight pusher
  165. GONE! Kershaw Emerson CQC-4K and trainer
  166. GONE! Drawing - TRUGLO TFO Brite Site for standard sized Glocks Tritium/Fiber Optic
  167. GONE! Pro Hands Tactical strength trainer
  168. GONE! Books.
  169. GONE! Horton Crossbow RDS
  170. GONE! P30sk Finger Extension +2 (x2)
  171. GONE! JMCK George for Glock 17
  172. GONE! Books II
  173. GONE! Site Supporter Karma
  174. GONE! JMCK AIWB G21 Extra Tuck 1.5" Clip for LEOs
  175. GONE! Blue Force Gear Hive Satchel for PDWs; embrace the Costa
  176. GONE! Glock Sights
  177. GONE! Dawson Precision Adjustable Glock Sights
  178. GONE! Daniel Defense Vertical Fore Grip
  179. GONE! Surefire rail for Beretta 92 series, site supporters only
  180. GONE! Streamlight rail Beretta 92 series, site supporters only
  181. GONE! Surefire weapon light and rail attachment, Beretta 92 series, site supporters only
  182. GONE! Beretta 92F/FS full size Wolfe recoil springs performance pack, site supporters only
  183. GONE! Beretta 92 compact/centurion Wolfe recoil springs, site supporters only
  184. GONE! Books
  185. GONE! The Snubby Revolver, by Ed Lovette
  186. GONE! Mastermind Tactics G19 AIWB
  187. GONE! West German P226 Grips
  188. GONE! Citizen Air Diver Titanium Watch, site supporters only
  189. GONE! Site Supporter Karma
  190. GONE! Name my place for a SEAL Team challenge coin.
  191. GONE! HK P-7 holsters
  192. GONE! Western Digital 1 TB External Hard Drive
  193. GONE! JMCK George for Springfield XD MOD.2 45cal 3.3bbl
  194. GONE! Wilson Combat 92 hammer
  195. GONE! Various Flip Top Ammo Boxes and Wallets
  196. GONE! Duty Holsters For Sig, Glock, Beretta, etc
  197. GONE! Las Vegas shooting pass at range 702
  198. GONE! Sig P320 anti-slip tape
  199. GONE! Free Knife #8
  200. GONE! JMCK IWB3 for PX4 CC
  201. GONE! NEW Gadget (Site Supporters only)
  202. GONE! Saftey Razor Shave Setup (Site supporter only)
  203. GONE! (almost free) 55lbs of assorted brass. Site supporters only.
  204. GONE! Beretta-L knives
  205. GONE! 3 holsters for 9/40 M&P compact and full size.
  206. GONE! Wilson Combat 12# Main Spring
  207. GONE! 24mm Brown leather Rally-type watch strap
  208. GONE! Wound Ballistics Review
  209. GONE! Brownells 10mm moonclip stripper. Site supporters only.
  210. GONE! TriCon Tacost SIRT dryfire cards
  211. GONE! Magpul MIAD 1.1 AR15 pistol grip
  212. GONE! Damaged SIG rail light/laser (Site supporters only)
  213. GONE! Forty (40) 7.62 x 39 mm AK stripper clips (10 round)
  214. GONE! Black Bill 77 grain mk262 ballistic data card
  215. GONE! Bushnell 800 yard range finder
  216. GONE! Citizen Eco Drive Watch with Chronograph
  217. GONE! Galco Ankle Glove with Calf Strap for Glock 26.
  218. GONE! Blue Force Gear Hive Satchel
  219. GONE! T3 Gear Single Point Sling
  220. GONE! G20 magazines, custom barrel, springs, guide rod
  221. GONE! Maxpedition Falcon Backpack Orange (Site Supporters Only)
  222. GONE! (2) Beretta 92 10-round magazines for members living in a People's Republic
  223. GONE! Mec-Gar 10 Round B92 Mags
  224. GONE! Blackhawk Shemaugh Olive/Black
  225. GONE! 32/34 Tactical Distributors Carlos Ray 2.1 Dark Desert Sand
  226. GONE! Free Liberty Gun Lube CLp and Chem-X Grease
  227. GONE! Spyderco Reverse + Sheath
  228. GONE! Safariland 6378 for M&P 45
  229. GONE! KBAR 2485 and Sheath
  230. GONE! WC 13# and 14# Hammer Springs for Beretta 92/96/PX4 and/or 9-11 Morale Patch
  231. GONE! CT Lasergrip for fullsize Gen 3 Glock
  232. GONE! Glock U notch, serrated steel rear sight
  233. GONE! Karma: Jack Reacher
  234. GONE! G43 RSA
  235. GONE! The Low Light Fight -Shooting, Tactics, Combatives: Mike Seeklander
  236. GONE! JRC Sig P224 OWB
  237. GONE! Vang Comp Mossberg 590 Follower
  238. GONE! Shcokwave 870 Raptor grip
  239. GONE! Paying it forward with Daniel Defense.
  240. GONE! Beretta 92 Spare Parts Kit
  241. GONE! Rangemaster TAC-CON 2018 ticket
  242. GONE! Site-Supporter-only Karma: Discount Code for a Gadget
  243. GONE! - taken - Las Vegas - White Sound HRED 9mm Glock
  244. GONE! Mastermind Tactics Lumen for Glock 17 - site supporters only
  245. GONE! Jmck aiwb glock 17 - site supporters only
  246. GONE! Orange Mastermind Tactics aiwb for Beretta 92fs/m9 - site supporters only
  247. GONE! Black Raptor Mastermind Tactics aiwb for Wilson 92 Brig Tac - site supporters only
  248. GONE! Highnoon leather holster straps, beige , 1.5"
  249. GONE! NRA Membership Karma - Free-ish**
  250. GONE! P-F 1 year Site Supporter membership x 4