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  1. Spyderco pocket clip
  2. Clinch Picks are here.
  3. Karambit Style Knives
  4. Ken Onion Worksharp
  5. Spartan Blades Enyo
  6. EDC Pickal knife preferred carry method?
  7. Pocket knives
  8. Recommendations for "Bushcraft" Knives
  9. New Spyderco flatground: Delica4 or Endura4?
  10. 2015 Spyderco fixed blade P'kal
  11. HiTS titanium knife question
  12. gentleman's folder, Spyderco Nilakka
  13. A gorilla's folder. Spyderco Schempp Tuff
  14. Waved Benchmade Griptillian
  15. Benchmade Griptilian Wilkinsgrip's
  16. New Gaston Glock Knives.
  17. Dozier knives
  18. CCW Straight knives
  19. Brous Blades
  20. Assisted Opening Clip Knives - Recommended Reading / Videos?
  21. I'm about $1K short right now
  22. Brous VR-71
  23. CRKT Swindle
  24. Please explain the Watson HiTS knife - Calling Nyeti
  25. Libre Knife Training
  26. Tomahawks & Axes
  27. Review: DPx HEST/Folding Blade Triple Black Serrated
  28. Using the CP as a noob.
  29. Camillus Becker BK10 Value?
  30. Concealing a Fixed-Blade Knife
  31. Sentinel MkIII blade + trainer + sheath - group buy
  32. Izula Sheaths
  33. DVD's for edged weapons training
  34. Custom sheath for Outdoor Edge Hybrid Hunter?
  35. Nok knives Clinch Pick trainer
  36. The truth about pocket folders as defensive tools?
  37. Obligitory Brag Thread. BHK Broken Trail
  38. What happened to quillions?
  39. Looking for feedback on this design.
  40. XMas folder
  41. Group Buy Signup for FLC Knives "F" Series Knife/Training Package
  42. The Difference Between ~$500 & ~$1000?
  43. Bagwell style Bowie Fighter
  44. Warriors Way RAT blade + trainer + sheath group buy
  45. Storing fixed blade knives
  46. Need Help Identifying A Mauser Bayonet
  47. Colonel Blades
  48. How do I start unarmed/edged training?
  49. New HiTS/Watson "Gamboa"
  50. Knives in Nevada and Wisconsin
  51. Razorback Blade from Dynamis Alliance
  52. Fixed blade pocket carry sheaths
  53. ZT blades
  54. Clinch Pick grip texture
  55. "Get Off Me" Tools
  56. New Blade Designs
  57. Martial Blade Concepts, legit or nah?
  58. Winkler Axes
  59. Training Oppurtunity
  60. Watson Knives: Wrap or G10 Scales?
  61. what's the most unusal thing youve ever cut
  62. Clinch Pick Sheath/Spare magazine combo?
  63. My Delica is like my old knees lately - stiff
  64. Low-observable pocket blades
  65. HiTS/Watson skeletonized neck knife
  66. Fixed blade pocket knives
  67. Palm knives, Push Daggers
  68. Rust proof multitool
  69. Warrior's Way/Headhunter Rat Blade Memorial Day Weekend Sale!
  70. NY Times suggests new look at knife laws
  71. KBAR TDI
  72. Dynamis Alliance Father's Day Sale 20% Off
  73. Best value knife sharpening system?
  74. Damascus steel knife making
  75. Fred Perrin: "La Griffe" (Neck Knife)
  76. Clinch Pick beach carry
  77. Kabar TDI Trainers - What Do You Use?
  78. Kitchen knives – time to upgrade
  79. Shout out to Benchmade customer service
  80. Pocket Carry Fixed Blade
  81. Retention of Pocket Knives
  82. At last! I can mount MOAR bayonets!
  83. Leatherman Skeletool Replacement
  84. CRKT Minimalist at Lowes
  85. Knife for a kid
  86. Mora Companion on sale, $8.21 shipped from Amazon Prime
  87. Benchmade discount code
  89. Anyone know who made this?
  90. LEO ankle carry
  91. Folding blades under 2.5 inches and other NPE questions
  92. Automatic knife legislation in VA
  93. STEVE TARANI - Edged Weapons Defense - Gray, ME March 2017
  94. Sebenza knife pics please!
  95. Raffle of a Seax for a Good Cause
  96. RAT blade question
  97. Every Normal Man...
  98. Khukuris
  99. Reproduction Swords
  100. Michigan might be going auto
  101. Bladerigs Guppy - Anybody Got One?
  102. Cold Steel Tomahawks
  103. Knife as a SD weapon - aftermath
  104. CRKT Tomahawks
  105. Carbon fiber or G10 edged weapon options
  106. Shivworks push dagger
  107. Blade Deals
  108. small fixed blade with simple basic design
  109. Boker EDC slip joint knife at CountyComm -$34.95
  110. Leatherman with corkscrew
  111. EDC fixed blade - Clinch Pick vs Bastinelli PiKa?
  112. New Watson Knives
  113. Sheath For An SOB Punch Dagger
  114. crkt Argus
  115. Open carry of knives
  116. HULU show with Sayoc influence
  117. StatGear Ausus
  118. Have a new small fixed blade on the way.
  119. Joe Watson knives
  120. Sheathe for CP
  121. RFI: Christmas pocket knife for nephew
  122. Al Mar licenses SERE Operator to TOPs
  123. Bowie Knife donated to Texas Rangers Museum.
  124. CountyComm Boker EDC... in Orange... Because I know a bunch of you were wishing
  125. Who does Spyderco Reverse Modifications?
  126. Looking for a DLC coating provider
  127. Buying/Commissioning A Bowie?
  128. Special Circumstances Knives legitimate?
  129. Fixed blade for edc under $150
  130. Clinch Pick grip mods?
  131. "Morphing" Karambit on Kickstarter
  132. Toor Knives?
  133. RFI: Boat Knife for Canada
  134. Storing/Displaying Knives
  135. Yurco Custom Ginunting
  136. Throwing knives?
  137. Strider DB now a Unicorn?
  138. Oahu, Hawaii
  139. Three Rivers Nomad
  140. Sentinel Gear?
  141. Kitchen Knives
  142. Spyderco Lil native
  143. Buck Marksman Tactical
  144. Ban Tang Clinch Picks
  145. KOPA
  146. Interesting CCW fixed blade.
  147. Maximilian Scabbard by Christian Fletcher.
  148. Knife Socks?
  149. National Knife Week?
  150. Manix 2 VS PM2
  151. MilMakAZ
  152. Ban Tang Sheaths
  153. New PF-Orange Boker from CountyComm
  154. Sosby Blades Cub-EDC Defensive Blade
  155. Pre Viking era sword found in Sweeden
  156. Joe Watson Knives Now Available
  157. Carrying a fixed blade concealed?
  158. Knife that locks SHUT
  159. Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition on sale at Amazon for $85.99
  160. New Fixed Blade....need a little help
  161. Sheaths that retain the knife with too much vigor.
  162. New Sword finished.
  163. Ronin Sakura blade?
  164. Cold Steel Thumb Plate effectiveness for “waving” open a knife
  165. Bradley butterfly on sale @knifecenter
  166. How small is to small?
  167. Six Years of EDC With a Benchmade 940
  168. Verboten but not...
  169. JB Knife and Tool x Shivworks - Wasp Dagger
  170. Can anyone tell me who makes this knife?
  171. Boker Smatchet 2.1 Price JUMP!
  172. Cold steel does the "sexy Sax (sic) prank"
  173. Hong Kong knife carry
  174. "Knives don't work well and you will go to prison no matter what!"
  175. Field Knife Suggestion(s)
  176. Florida?
  177. Clinch Pik vs Other Piks
  178. SOG Escape
  179. Saw this one, and thought of Tom Jones
  180. The last production collab between CRKT/Crawford/Kasper (dragon) $23 bucks on sale...
  181. Knives for ladies
  182. Work Sharp Ken Onion edition $79.99 at Amazon
  183. Anglesey Rival survival Knife
  184. Cheap Buy
  185. Hep me pick a new EDC: Emerson Tiger, Emerson CQC13, or go Auto??
  186. Bradford Guardian 3 -- Too Small or Just Right?
  187. Folder Carry Clinch Pick-esque
  188. Clinch Pick with sharp edge down?
  189. U.S. Warrior Air Force Switchblade Automatic Knife
  190. Simple, classic pocket folder
  191. Automatic Knives in Virginia?
  192. RFI: Fixed Blade Knife for Swimming/Water/Workout
  193. Custom Leather Sheaths: Recommendations?
  194. Modified or custom opinel's?
  195. Not really sure what I have
  196. New Sheath from 7 rattles bush craft
  197. Adding a snap loop to a sheath
  198. Interesting paper discussing knives and the 2A
  199. Recommended Knife Retailer
  200. RFI: Cold steel safer maker 2
  201. Attn2Detail Mercantile
  202. Your winter knife placement
  203. Krudo Knives?
  204. Winkler knives
  205. Not so much “weapon” but an interesting new knife co came across my desk today
  206. I wish I needed the new Esee JG5
  207. Clinch Pick 2.0
  208. Neck knife safety/retention
  209. Thinking about a Manix 2, need some help
  210. Wife wants an old-school stiletto. Suggestions?
  211. Passed down knife collection
  212. “Zombie” green Spyderco Endura
  213. Matt Harris Knives
  214. Need an “old school” fixed blade
  215. Rescue Knives?
  216. Two New Randalls
  217. Pocket knife coming out when clearing cover garment
  218. Is Bladerigs still in business?
  219. Trainer use for carry?
  220. Applegate Fairbairn grip repair or replacement
  221. Clinch Pick 1 vs 2 RFI
  222. Kopis/EdsManifesto “L-Via” knife
  223. Let's see your big boy Knives.
  224. My Vietnam Memorial Knife.
  225. Martial Blade Concepts (MBC) online training discount
  226. Sharpening resources
  227. Joe Watson Retiring
  228. Reverse Edge go to
  229. New Sharpmaker- Comments and Questions
  230. Talk me out of a Spyderco Resilience
  231. Talk me out of a second ZT 0350
  232. Recommendations: fixed blade or folder for EDC?
  233. Spyderco fanboy thread
  234. Gerber Fastball with frame screws that won't stay in
  235. Out The Front (OTF) knives
  236. Opinel for GP pocket carry?
  237. ZT 0350: It's Great. Is there anything better?
  238. Any Spartan Blade owner/users here?
  239. Wharncliffe blades
  240. Hogue Doug Ritter RSK mk1-G2
  241. Bladeshow 2020
  242. HAK Hideaway Knife with Strider Grind RFI
  243. Anyone know someone that can make custom scales for knives?
  244. Tom Halloran has been incrementally upping his game
  245. New Tops Prototype
  246. Praise for the ESEE Izula
  247. Is this (good looking) junk?
  248. Best Methods of Carrying a Fixed Blade Knife Concealed
  249. Here’s new one by me: Achter knives
  250. Scythentology