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  1. I guess I made a couple USPSA guys mad
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  10. AIWB in IPSC Limited/Limited 10
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  15. Jessie Duff makes USPSA Grandmaster
  16. Differences between IPSC and USPSA Rulebooks
  17. USPSA/IDPA Divisions Criteria - Frame Weight?
  18. USPSA …… again
  19. USPSA has started an expirment to be more objective in their officating...
  20. OrigamiAK's phenomenal article on AIWB in USPSA
  21. My (not especially) triumphant return to USPSA competition post-Rogers
  22. What could/should USPSA do to attract the average CCW holder
  23. Cheating Scandal in USPSA
  24. Anyone ever turned a G34 into a full on Limited gun?
  25. IPSC World Shoot
  26. USPSA Board Shake Up
  27. Easier to remove Glock baseplates legal for Production
  28. We've created an IPSC/USPSA Subforum!
  29. Undergound IPSC
  30. IPSC Russia Open, Shooting Range Object, Moscow
  31. Timer or not?
  32. Anything I can do to not suck at stage planning?
  33. Target groups and transition
  34. Where can you practice ???
  35. Good starter pistol for 2 gun/practical matches
  36. Shot in my 1st uspca pistol match last weekend
  37. Canadian Ballet in Estonia, Baltic Storm 2015
  38. Live fire training program help
  39. Production Optics is now a thing
  40. My Second USPSA match yesterday
  41. 2015 Production Nationals
  42. First Steel Match: WAC, Clearwater FL 10/17/15
  43. USPSA near Charlotte
  44. Maryland State, Lexington Park, MD
  45. USPSA Holster and Mag Pouch Rule Change
  46. Presidential runoff election results
  47. 2016 Area 1
  48. Tips for Match Directors
  49. Why aren't Serpa and cheap knock offs of Serpas banned by USPSA?
  50. How to get started, and where to find matches? NOVA area
  51. Off to Europe to shoot some matches
  52. How many A's should we shoot?
  53. Hands hurting with grip tape!
  54. provisional division
  55. Carry Holster for USPSA?
  56. Using a RH IWB Holster LH OWB?
  57. The path to production GM
  58. Driving the "dot"
  59. A few what is legal equipment questions.
  60. First GSSF Event This Saturday. Tips?
  61. Production Nationals 2016
  62. Shot My First USPSA match
  63. Help for Beginners
  64. Spencer Race Guns
  65. "When" do you pick up the Front Sight?
  66. September USPSA Match at the NRA HQ Range
  67. So, what happens now
  68. USPSA Memphis charity challenge (level 2)
  69. USPSA Fee questions
  70. Road to recovery: Miles to go - by Amanda Fry
  71. Carry Optics loses the 10 round limit.
  72. January 2017 USPSA Fairfax Practical Shooters Match at the NRA Headquarters Range
  73. Gun position while running?
  74. Stage Planning - Tips & Tricks
  75. Area 1, USPSA
  76. Area 1 WTF! Some people need retraining. Serious safety screw up
  77. Practiscore
  78. Input wanted- training a young comp shooter
  79. Eurasian Extreme open 2017
  80. How to get started
  81. "Peally" is a Cheese Head?
  82. South Florida USPSA club that allows AIWB usage
  83. Factory ammo, specifically Federal, but other too
  84. Old rulebooks
  85. USPSA as a skills development tool for LE
  86. Bullets forward vs. bullets out mag pouches?
  87. USPSA 2017 Nationals equipment survey
  88. First uspsa classifier match and some questions
  89. First USPSA Match
  90. USPSA Production rules change
  91. Help choosing new limited gun
  92. Holster help uspsa
  93. ClipShot video review tool by Double Alpha Academy
  94. USPSA President threatens to ban Ben Stoeger
  95. USPSA modified high hit factors on classifiers
  96. 2018 Pro Am Shooting National Championship
  97. USPSA popper calibration rules suck.
  98. 1911 for single stack division
  99. IPSC US Nationals Results?
  100. USPSA Ammo Questions
  101. Fluffy's Revenge 1 is a jerk
  102. opinion needed about my thumbrest
  103. X-FIVE for USPSA Limited?
  104. RFI: USPSA Production Legal Weighted Glock Basepads
  105. RFI: Game Modding a Glock for Carry Optics, maybe Production
  106. USPSA 2018 Factory Gun Nationals
  107. New to forum and USPSA, so a question
  108. Question about "Production"
  109. "3 Gun Helped Me Survive"
  110. Blast from the Past: World Shoot X (1993)
  111. 1st match. AIWB Lim Minor.
  112. A Point of Confusion
  113. Timer Suggestions?
  114. Match today, first Production division win
  115. Tanfoglio/EAA Witness Limited
  116. Cooper Tunnels and Related Matters
  117. Glock Fun
  118. What else could the USPSA classification system be like?
  119. USPSA Carry Optics rule
  120. Diving into Open Division (USPSA) with both feet.
  121. USPSA-Area Six Championship?
  122. Carry Optics max weight changed
  123. USPSA BOD meeting voted to make Production 59 ounces
  124. Choosing Extended Mags in USPSA P?
  125. New: DAA Alpha XiP Competition Magazine Pouches
  126. RFI: USPSA Single Stack
  127. Glockstore Black Yikes Connector
  128. USPSA Production/CO Nationals 2020
  129. RO Fatally Shot at NY USPSA Match
  130. RFI: Best Practices for On-Body IFAK?
  131. Somebody may have shot something
  132. e2 to e4
  133. Is this Holster Legal for USPSA Production?
  134. A Mozambique question
  135. AIWB now legal in all divisions?
  136. AIWB now legal in all divisions? (Poll Only Thread)
  137. Would a 1911 really have an advantage in "production" (or CO)?
  138. Shadow gamers, converge here, let's chat
  139. Taran Tactical Glock Basepad Color Poll
  140. APX 21rd Mag Length
  141. Jeff Cooper and the Creation of IPSC
  142. Mike Foley Ousted at USPSA
  143. Saloman Speedcross still the go to?
  144. Best division for new shooter
  145. Classifier reporting to USPSA?
  146. New USPSA match location in Eastern NC
  147. USPSA PCC/Carry Optics Nationals 2021
  148. Question on Single Stack USPSA rule regarding bushings
  149. 1st match.
  150. Zeroing Optic for PCC
  151. USPSA proposed changes to bylaws
  152. CO USPSA, Light vs No Light
  153. USPSA: Check my CO Rig before a class?
  154. New CO high hit factors
  155. 320xcompact with SPECTRE grip vs p320 Max for CO ?
  156. Power factor process
  157. FYI free shipping cardboard targets 0.66 apiece
  158. USPSA President Special Election 2022
  159. 1911-like CO gun
  160. Running
  161. USPSA Nationals Leaves Colorado
  162. classification update
  163. Stoeger suspended from USPSA
  164. Ban States vs No Ban States matches, practice and transfer
  165. Current SC times?
  166. New 2011 red dot division
  167. And For The Next Six Months...
  168. I learned something with iron sights
  169. 22-0x classifiers score upload next week
  170. USPSA sourced data of CO division growth and participation
  171. Thoughts on USPSA divisions
  172. Provisional Limited Optics
  173. MOE size for carry Optics??
  174. Half-cock @ start for TDA guns
  175. *IF* you could ask Grauffel 1 question about shooting, what would it be?
  176. USPSA Carry Optics - Shadow 2 Modifications
  177. Glock grip reduction/reshaping
  178. Matches - USPSA
  179. Christian Sailer’s IPSC video
  180. USPSA Scoring
  181. Well, here goes -- Trying USPSA and first match musings
  182. Short intro class for people who have never played the game and want to understand it
  183. Local USPSA Match Data
  184. USPSA Presidential Election 2023
  185. More USPSA surveys
  186. Mo money needed
  187. Practical Competition Shooting League (2023)
  188. USPSA 21/22 financials
  189. USPSA Now Being Sued - Allegedly Not a Valid Corporation
  190. USPSA 15 round production survey
  191. Information request: stage building and prop building resources
  192. Starting USPSA CO and seeking advice
  193. Arnburg out as A3?!!!!!
  194. Production 15 in '24
  195. And so it begins…..map of Sections in open revolt
  196. What's your experience with Steel Challenge targets?
  197. Who is shooting this weekend?
  198. Area 4 Election?