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  1. Monthly IDPA Match - Wilmington, Ohio
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  25. Waterloo, IA - BHPC IDPA July Match - 7-22-12
  26. Personal Statistics, IDPAForum+Pistol-forum
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  29. 3 things IDPA should change
  30. El Pres during IDPA classifier
  31. IDPA Triple Crown, Oxford, NC Nov 9/10
  32. Post #1 - Please help me shoot the P30 as well as my G17 in IDPA
  33. New IDPA Rulebook being released today
  34. IDPA's Proposed Reload/Cover Rule
  35. New IDPA shooter looking for recommendations
  36. The final version of the IDPA rule book posted.
  37. 2013 New Mexico Stat IDPA Championship
  38. IDPA equipment rule clarification
  39. IDPA Match - Two Stage Questions
  40. 2013 IDPA US Nationals Results
  41. IDPA is really, really just a game now
  42. Time for a new IDPA Vest: Which One?
  43. IDPA Bug Nationals
  44. New IDPA Rules Clarifications are out!
  45. IDPA Indoor Nationals in Springfield, MA...High Cap Mags
  46. IDPA and Lights???
  47. Just when you thought that IDPA was done with the stupid ideas...
  48. My first IDPA match
  49. Maryland State IDPA 2014 using the Glock 34, Next Steps
  50. GADPA Discontinues IDPA Affiliation
  51. IDPA deletes flat-footed reload rule, wants feedback on new division
  52. We've created an International Defensive Pistol Association Subforum!
  53. Safety in IDPA Competition
  54. 686 is a bug?
  55. Update from IDPA Headquarters, CCP Division Wins
  56. Gear Questions
  57. quick CCP question
  58. New Rulebook
  59. IDPA SSP - Connector legal?
  60. BUG Guns for IDPA competition
  61. New Area Coordinators and Regional Changes
  62. Clothing on IDPA Targets?
  63. Too many magazines of mixed types.
  64. Each point down will now equal 1 second added to your time...
  65. IDPA Matches in the Snow?
  66. IDPA in CHarlotte
  67. Holster and mag pouch
  68. Browning HP
  69. What's your call?
  70. Thoughts from today's match
  71. 2015 IDPA World Championship Magazine
  72. MD State IDPA Match
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  76. FBI medium length mag catch on Gen 3s for SSP
  77. May NRA IDPA Match - Drawing from Concealment while Seated
  78. IDPA endorses Trump
  79. Peacemaker National Training Center (PNTC) IDPA Airplane & Vehicle Stages
  80. 2016 West Virginia IDPA State Championship Video
  81. Shot my first IDPA match
  82. July NRA IDPA BUG/CCP ONLY Match
  83. Misc. Observations from yesterday's match.
  84. So I Show Up To Matches Without A Vest
  85. BUG/CCP IDPA Match in Southeastern Virginia on 15 Oct, 2016
  86. New IDPA Rules
  87. PCC Guns for IDPA, Legal in Maryland
  88. Meprolight FT Bullseye sights
  89. Took the "Intro to IDPA" class today
  90. Which is harder, new IDPA Classifier or Classic?
  91. BUG-R with a J-frame
  92. IDPA gear help
  93. Am I the only one who finds this ironic - dropping a gun?
  94. New To IDPA: Gear Recommendations
  95. IDPA Clubs in Virginia and Maryland
  96. Bug revolver classifier
  97. Cody's Mid-Atlantic IDPA Newsletters
  98. IDPA - CCP: XDMc 3.8 vs P320c
  99. Cody's 2017 BUG and CCP Handgun Listings, Please Help Update!
  100. The Tactical Brief
  101. My first IDPA match! (with a Glock 34)
  102. First IDPA Match & Review
  103. CZ75TS
  104. 2017 IDPA Classifier with Stage Descriptions
  105. Some comments on yesterday 7-23
  106. NRA Low Light IDPA Match filmed with 740nm IR Illuminator
  107. Finally a useful tactical reload
  108. A one handed 22 match
  109. IDPA has added carry optics
  110. The 55 Classifier ( Abbreviated)
  111. IDPA Shooters--Ruger Wants Your Input
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  113. Points for Nationals
  114. Video from the February IDPA Match at the NRA HQ Range
  115. Stages from the IDPA Match at Thurmont
  116. IDPA New Shooter Orientation, April 24, NRA Range
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  118. Running the full classifier vs 5x5
  119. Yesterday's Match - it was hot
  120. Finally tried IDPA. It's SO MUCH FUN!
  121. IDPA real world applications
  122. Flashlight techniques and recommendations for low light stages
  123. IDPA BUG division capacity
  124. A Revolver, retro day.
  125. Mid-Atlantic IDPA Essential Information
  126. N.C. State IDPA Match Stats Report
  127. carry vs. match pistol trigger weights.
  128. Match 1911/2011's.
  129. Shout out to a friend, champ!
  130. 2019 IDPA National results
  131. IDPA - appendix carry?
  132. IDPA Sights
  133. IDPA & Ported Barrels
  134. Holster for G35
  135. List of DMs?
  136. 2021 NC State IDPA Championship
  137. Eligible pistol?
  138. Eligible pistol?
  139. Joined, hoping to do bug on an LCP Max 380
  140. IDPA PCC - First Hand Info
  141. You Asked For It, You Got It. Maybe.
  142. 2022: New Rule Book
  143. Striker Control Device legal under IDPA rules?
  144. New IDPA prospect
  145. Better Accuracy in matches
  146. Massad Ayoob and IDPA's Joyce Wilson discuss the competitive shooting sport
  147. Reload technique in idpa
  148. USPSA to IDPA
  149. IDPA parts swapping between models
  150. Carry Optics pistol size
  151. holster thigh strap?
  152. I Took an Introduction to IDPA Class-Dr. David Yamane
  153. Clause
  154. New rules
  155. Vickers mag release IDPA legal