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  1. Mission and Mindset for the Armed Citizen
  2. Weak hand or off-side weapon
  3. Spare Magazines
  4. Shoot your carry ammo regularly
  5. Thoughts on shot placement and penetration
  6. The philosophy behind carry rotation or no rotation?
  7. PUC for Beginners
  8. Having a Warrior Mindset in Modern Society
  9. Interesting comment heard in gunshop today...
  10. What should you not use in self defense?
  11. Southnarc ECQC AAR
  12. Focusing on -> shooting at the assailant's weapon
  13. Motorcycles and CCWing...
  14. Lessons From the Street DVD
  15. Know Your Target
  16. A proper #2
  17. Gym carry
  18. ECQC video links
  19. Book: On Killing by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman
  20. VTAC: Stay in the Fight Book and Pistol Drills DVD
  21. Target Focus Training
  22. BUG questions
  23. Why your mindset needs to be right for every traffic stop
  24. 1986 FBI Miami Gun Fight
  25. Aiming for the Pelvis
  26. Statistically speaking...
  27. Using you thumb to put slide in battery
  28. Shooting through cover, a light bulb moment
  29. Changing someone's mindset
  30. "Are you the Predator or the Victim?"
  31. Stopping power, head shots, and mindset
  32. Preventative measures against a home invasion
  33. Some more "Light Bulb" moments
  34. Poor situational awareness, 2 bad guys and "Where's my gun?"
  35. The Grooming Cue
  36. War Belts
  37. See what you need to see
  38. How Not To Conduct A Traffic Stop
  39. Informative CCW Article
  40. So in his mindset...he reviews with a lot of followers
  41. Plateau Busting
  42. Situational Awareness Article
  43. Dueling quotes
  44. Officer shot in the head fights on (video)
  45. Best source for crime statistics/reports?
  46. Altercation/gun handling
  47. What not to do...
  48. When should I purchase/train with a BUG?
  49. The gun that saves you may not be your own
  50. CCW Breakaway Pants
  51. Knife andTactics Questions
  52. "awareness" vs. "AWARENESS!"
  53. Best Practices for CCW in the DC area?
  54. McDonalds Cashier vs Two Women
  55. What would you do?
  56. Theft turns to Aggravated Robbery on video
  57. Interesting encounter at Sea World...
  58. Law & self defense instruction
  59. Local woman murdered at Walmart
  60. When drawing isn't an option (yet)...
  61. Incident
  62. carrying while drinking- some people do it
  63. After an incident...STFU! And yes, that goes for lawyers involved as well!
  64. 2010 NYPD Annual OIS review
  65. Incident at the lgs I work at today...
  66. Random thoughts (inspired by Rotation BLOG entry)
  67. "Fighting With a Gun"
  68. Shooting On The Move
  69. Training that has become a "Rule" or Dogma
  70. Man goes berserk with hammer at mall.
  71. Scanning before reholstering
  72. armed "legal issues" aka "staying ready, beating the BG AND avoiding jail"
  73. Hand Grenades and Shooting in Liège
  74. Importance of a fast draw in self defense.
  75. Check your 6.
  76. The myth of the lone gunman: Working with family, friends and significant others.
  77. 7 teens gang up on you...what is the consensus on how to respond?
  78. Should civilian shooters get the same treatment as OIS survivors?
  79. Monterey Park, CA OIS incident captured on video by idiotic bystanders
  80. Question for instructors RE: Your own training regarding post incident management
  81. Shreveport OIS, example of post-shoot stress
  82. Mindset at any age
  83. New Cato Study: Tough Targets
  84. Interesting threat analysis about armed robbers
  85. Dealing with poor demos in front of students
  86. Weapons are not always obvious
  87. You won't have time to "X"...
  88. hard target indicators
  89. Too close for comfort
  90. How long before shooting skills degrade?
  91. Shooting Skill Improvement - Range Session Qty
  92. Your excuse is invalid
  93. Brazil - ATM robbery.
  94. Intruder killed in Springville, UT
  95. Your Line in the Sand
  96. Question about pointing pistol at someone
  97. bomb threat on a bus
  98. onPoint Tactical experiences?
  99. Freakin' lightbulb
  100. New York Reload during civilian self defense shooting
  101. Input on Hock Hochheim and Chuck Burnett.
  102. Collection of PDFs from SouthNarc
  103. Convenience store assault.
  104. Good read...
  105. Perfect example of someone in over their head
  106. A good reminder...
  107. Open Carry Hypothetical
  108. Study -- Holding a gun makes you think others are too
  109. ATM robbery
  110. a big opps
  111. The Perfect Student
  112. Your word
  113. Appropriate Guns and Training in latest ACLDN Journal
  114. Stay alert!
  115. So, how many guns are "enough"?
  116. Austin Police Officer killed in line of duty
  117. Knife & Pistol Employment Question - Benchmade SOCP
  118. The Validity of Security Threat Assessment?
  119. mag 40 class
  120. Dave Spaulding in Jun/Jul "HANDGUNS" - - - "Raging Bull" in On Patrol Column
  121. Disbelief, Fear..... Freeze
  122. Dealing with the police
  123. The "Talk on"
  124. This is Why Managing Unknown Contacts is So important. ( Tampa FL US Army soldier)
  125. When Criminals Carry Unholstered
  126. Firearms articles on Facebook
  127. "When to Shoot" book recommendations
  128. Lessons from the Martin/Zimmerman Shooting
  129. What is the most constructive way to refuse a search without PC?
  130. Proposed class: "Self Defense & the Law - Practical Applications"
  131. Finding a lawyer
  132. S/A video for our LEOs.
  133. Shooting Incident AARs
  134. Anyone know how Alabama enforces their firearms law Section 13A-11-74 ?
  135. "A lawyer attached to every bullet" - How have instructors previously addressed this?
  136. Who are you training to fight?
  137. Dual AIWB
  138. Aurora, CO "Dark Knight Rises" shooting - 14 dead, 50+ wounded 7/20/12
  139. Mass shootings and unsuccessful heroism
  140. British bayonet charge, Basra Iraq, May 2004
  141. Learning from all of this
  142. Outstanding OC vs CC Video from Brannon LeBouef
  143. Good Video's - Civilian Mindset
  144. How many hands do you have? How many do you need?
  145. Interesting event today got me thinking
  146. Speaking of the Warrior Mindset...
  147. Very interesting analysis of mass shootings and police versus civilian responses
  148. Training for Draw to Low-Ready: Practical or Waste of Time?
  149. No Booger Hook Required (mildly NSFW)
  150. Dry, but interesting - Physician looks at gunshot wounds
  151. Unknown v. Known Room Entries
  152. Sheriff Proffitt
  153. Deputy shoots attacker
  154. Ricochets and the Like
  155. ALWAYS have a loaded gun on you at the range
  156. Watch security guard outdraw thieves (MELBOURNE, FL)
  157. 360 awareness while pumping gas
  158. Handgun malfunction and Remedial action....SERIOUSLY???
  159. Beslan, Sep 2004. SOFREP article
  160. Ideas on a smaller CCW
  161. PDN on Carrying in a Vehicle...
  162. Best distance for head shots
  163. My biggest mistakes while learning to target shoot
  164. Maintaining effects of adrenaline during a heightened situation
  165. Common reaction?
  166. Shooting for Survival 1969 FBI color training video
  167. What to do if you see a drunk carrying a glock in the waistband of his shorts?
  168. Mob picks on 'The Wrong Guy': 'Knockout Game' results backfire when 'victim' is armed
  169. Harsh Realizations....
  170. A Question for the Experts
  171. Advice for getting parents involved in CCW
  172. Small survey of criminal guns
  173. What is best weapon to carry when you can't carry a firearm?
  174. Jumped by 5 and stabbed for money refusal.
  175. Broken down car female in distress ruse
  176. NY Residents defend themselves with bats, bows, and booby traps
  177. Carry techniques -- adapting to winter clothes?
  178. Close to home - A reminder.
  179. I don't think this is a good idea
  180. Post ECQC changes in your approach to training and gear?
  181. Physical fitness limitations and shooting
  182. "Good enough"
  183. Help finding a story
  184. The "adventure race" craze
  185. Flash mob
  186. Interesting dashcam video
  187. Martial Arts Training
  188. Permit holder stops mall shooting
  189. teacher options
  190. Any time, any place
  191. Y'alls opinion on 'aim-point' shooting?
  192. AIWB and Car Accidents
  193. Please sign my Whitehouse.gov Petition
  194. Concealed carry on the job
  195. TV crew interview Taser ruse
  196. Who to Train With...?
  197. Knife skills, practice them! (TPD gun grab)
  198. What is meant by 'mindset and tactics?
  199. Info on 4G Tactical?
  200. ROE's: theory vs. reality
  201. Gimme Five Feet!!!!
  202. "Police street fight"
  203. Stuff happens too fast to draw & defend, maybe time to take gun grab training
  204. Gun handling in the car.
  205. Looking for someone with experience
  206. Target controversy
  207. At home non ammo target and training ideas
  208. When to Carry
  209. Road rage and gun play.
  210. So you're an instructor, hm?
  211. Consequences, Part 2
  212. Self Talk - Sport Psychology - Fine Motor vs Gross Motor
  213. Man Set on Fire After Refusing to Give Transient Money
  214. Bankers association offers $100K reward in Toronto bank robbery investigation
  215. .38 vs. four bad guys with an assault rifle: aggression and surprise win the day
  216. Street robberies and you
  217. The Fallacy of the Tactical Toolbox
  218. Terror attack in London
  219. Entry Point Hardening
  220. Reflections On Killing In The Line Of Duty
  221. How come this has gotten very little coverage?
  222. Robbed at gunpoint--again
  223. Always look up.
  224. When fighting back fails........
  225. Okay SMEs, what should this woman have done?
  226. NJ - Home invasion and beating caught on "nanny cam".
  227. Frank White- DEA, leadership, gunfighting, and mindset reading.
  228. Self Defense & the Law class (By Phone)
  229. Why one cop carries 145 rounds
  230. Artemis Defense Institute
  231. The Warrior Cop
  232. Training safety – reaction vs. Prevention
  233. Armed resident killed by police at wrong house
  234. Defoor on Mindset
  235. CHL on State Property - As it should be.
  236. Ready Positions, CQB, and Disarming
  237. Fight Like a Girl
  238. Knives for the FUT
  239. Untrained versus trained
  240. Night Sights vs fiber optics (August 2013 edition)
  241. A New Purchase Mindset.
  242. CHP Officer carjacked at Flamingo Hotel
  243. Do you Train for Reality?
  244. Train for reality: beginners?
  245. Training For Reality: Why Carry a Rifle?
  246. Distance and Knife Attacks
  247. USAWC-Use of deadly force and implications
  248. Armed robbery, CCTV footage (South Africa)
  249. How do you measure the value of a class?
  250. How Relevant is LE and Military Experience to Private Citizens?