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  1. RMS Shield red dot
  2. Aimpoint just dropped ACRO P-1 MRDS!
  3. Glock MOS RDS install thread (What has worked for me)
  4. 2019 RDS on pistols thread
  5. New Trijicon Pistol Mounted RDS???
  6. Acro battery life thread
  7. Red dot update - June 2019
  8. Shield closed emitter red dots on pistols?
  9. Drills and techniques to build RDS proficiency
  10. Trijicon HRS vs regular RM06
  11. USPSA Carry Optics pistols
  12. Marshals Approve Deltapoint
  13. USMS selects Deltapoint for duty firearms
  14. What about revolvers and red dot sights?
  15. Dipping My Toe Into The Red Dot Sea
  16. Back in the saddle again?
  17. RMR design considerations
  18. Do you leave the SD red got on all the time?
  19. Get the slide Milled or MOS?
  20. Ideal slide length for a PMO gun
  21. Walther PPS M2 RMSc battery life
  22. RDS on a 9mm Commander 1911?
  23. RFI on preferred companies for slide milling.
  24. RMR/SRO auto vs manual
  25. HE508T | First impressions and initial range review, with comparison to RMR
  26. Romeo Zero- pre-order at Euro Optic
  27. ADE Advanced Optics
  28. Red dot gets shot
  29. Buying a slide for an RMR cut
  30. Ideal angle for red dot installation
  31. Trijicon made RMR mount Beretta 92
  32. RMR mounting
  33. Dueck Defense RBU feedback?
  34. BUIS
  35. RDS for Sig P320 X5 Legion?
  36. Holosun 407C on sale @ Brownells
  37. Waiting for a reliable, durable, narrow RDS
  38. RMR RM04 question
  39. Is The New Improved Leupold DPP Out Yet?
  40. Trijicon SRO--Anyone else had problems?
  41. Frame Mounted Optics
  42. Romeo 1 Pro
  43. Shooting Experiences With SIG P320 RX Compact With OEM Romeo1 RDS
  44. Best techniques to clean RDS glass?
  45. Vetting a proven pistol after optic install?
  46. RDS distance from eye effects parralax?
  47. mill for standard plate?
  48. Not Intuitively Obvious
  49. Black Friday / Cyber Monday Optic deals?
  50. Sig RomeoZero in the wild
  51. Battery tester
  52. How many red dots for a three day class?
  53. SRO What Size MOA?
  54. Vortex magnifer: new vs old?
  55. ballistic charts
  56. sig romeo zero
  57. RDS and M&P CORE - Loaded chamber indicator and RDS
  58. Short vs long slide with a red dot
  59. Astigmatism & RDS
  60. Will Ameriglo GL-429s fit a G43X/G48/G43?
  61. Holosun 508T screws are just slightly too long. Advise needed
  62. Sig P320 X5 Legion problem with RDS
  63. Footprint cut choice
  64. Manual vs auto adjustment red dot design
  65. sandstorms and RMR's
  66. Bushnell TRS-25 cold weather use
  67. RMR sealing plate orientation
  68. TLR-8 AG as red dot companion
  69. Holosun 507K
  70. M&P Core mounting system
  71. USPSA 2019 CO Nationals equipment survey
  72. Sig pistol optics- dot distortion
  73. The effect of a low sun angle on red dot optics
  74. Be cautious with optics screws
  75. Deciphering Holosun model numbers
  76. Can someone explain the Holosun PMO product line
  77. Need help picking my first pistol red dot
  78. “ROTD” method of shooting a PMO
  79. Unity Tactical Atom 2
  80. Fixed rear backup sights
  81. Aimpoint M5 Scalar Works 1.93 (lower third) mount magnifier?
  82. Wilson True Zero Optics
  83. Romeo 2
  84. Red Dots for Small Format Pistols (43X & P365 size)
  85. AIMPOINT ACRO P-1 Torture Test
  86. Green dot vs red Holosun 510
  87. Red Dot on G26?
  88. CBP RFI for pistol red dot sights.
  89. Who ya gonna call for Shield RMSc sight?
  90. C&H MOS plates. V3 on clearance.
  91. Safariland red dot holsters — Glock and others
  92. Glock MOS Slide Swap in Europe
  93. Holosun 407K vs 507K
  94. Please help a dinosaur out
  95. Kenzie's has V1 Holosuns on sale
  96. Red Dot Pistol Sight question
  97. Astigmatism
  98. Optics Ready VP9 Sight Height?
  99. Aimpoint Acro P1 mounting failures?.
  100. Return To Zero Test - SIG Romeo 4H RDS and ADM Recon H Mount with S&B Short Dot PMII
  101. RDS/MOS accuracy
  102. When is aimpoint micro t3 expected out?
  103. EoTech Died/Need Recommendation
  104. Another RDS question - RDS for the newb
  105. Frame Mounted RDS on Handguns
  106. Actual RDS Failures
  107. RDS/RMR adjustment tool
  108. Warrens as MRDS back up sights
  109. HK VP9 RMR screws?
  110. Aimpoint Micro & Hubris - A Stripped Screw Tale
  111. Rear BUIS: In front or behind optic?
  112. Red dot glock research.
  113. Holosun models - a bunch
  114. Questions about Screws
  115. New MOS Gen 5 with 507C V2
  116. New products from CHPWS
  117. Trijicon RMR "gusset"
  118. A couple of questions about reflex red dots
  119. Good shops to cut a Glock 43x slide?
  120. US Optics MCRS
  121. P2000 Milling for Red Dot
  122. Putting an RMR on a P320
  123. Red dot for shotgun
  124. How do you manage RDS brightness settings on a concealed pistol?
  125. Magnifiers for use with an RDS
  126. Sig Romeo MSR data?
  127. HK VP9 OR
  128. Forward Mounted (ahead of the ejection port) Optics?
  129. General Holosun pistol optic thread
  130. Backup Iron sights for MOS / CORE / CHPWS equipped pistols
  131. Back up guns/optics/slides
  132. 1.93" RMR mount?
  133. Why The Holosun 507C V2 is Making Me Love Circle Dot Reticles!
  134. Is it worthwhile to update Glock MOS OEM mounting?
  135. 2011 Slide milling
  136. BUIS for Acro on Glock MOS + Tango Down plate
  137. Co-witnessed sights for Walther Q5 Match ?
  138. Holosun 509T mount plate
  139. Your current choice for rifle, zero magnification red dot?
  140. Walther Q5 plate w BUIS
  141. Garand Thumb and Modern Samurai Project Talk Pistol RDOs
  142. Three Glock red dot pistols to do it all
  143. SRO Dot size
  144. G19.5 MOS & 507C V2 Slide Lock Issue
  145. Walther Q series optic plates with backup sight
  146. Swampfox Optics
  147. PRMDS Zero Target
  148. Reference Material: Red Dot Reticles Relative to Targets @ various distances
  149. Stuff I learned from Ben Stoeger
  150. Pistols (and pistol mounted optics) I saw this week
  151. RMR Care
  152. Duty Gun Red Dot Survey
  153. Finally- BUIS for VP9 Optic Ready
  154. Trijicon Suing Holosun; Patent Infringement
  155. L3Harris selling off EOTech
  156. Shooting the dot with a target focus
  157. Vibra-Tite
  158. M&P Core
  159. How long did it take for RDS to be faster?
  160. Aftermarket Slides For Carry
  161. HK VP9 or VP9L with SRO
  162. How low can you direct mill a RMR on a Glock?
  163. Trijicon RMRcc
  164. Inexpensive RDS for Ruger mkiii
  165. Vortex Venom RDS in short supply
  166. Are the updated Leupy DPP's available yet?
  167. Prism Scopes
  168. I have a sad...
  169. CompM4 Battery Screwed Out
  170. Vortex Venom to another footprint adapter plate?
  171. Prescription Glasses and Dot Bloom
  172. Optic size: Gaming vs Carry
  173. Phoria
  174. Battery Life and Battery Type
  175. SRO on a G27 - Dumb Idea?
  176. Dry fire tip
  177. Recommended options for testing out red dots?
  178. Height of Optic Deck mounted on MOS
  179. P-F preferred way of placing witness marks
  180. Holosun 507K-X2 IN-STOCK
  181. Slide manipulations with a dot
  182. RDS choices for M&P Compact 4" optics-ready
  183. Chinesium Squared; Holosun Knockoffs
  184. Red dot/Green laser or Green dot/Red laser?
  185. Holosun HE509T Vs Trijicon RMR Type 2 Parallax Shift(relative to head position)
  186. SRO false dot with a low sun angle
  187. Holosun 509T slide milling
  188. Red dot screw part numbers and ordering info
  189. Good article by one of our own on pistols and RDS
  190. HE509T Enclosed Red Dot | First impressions, range review, and comparison
  191. Iron recommendations
  192. List of Preferred Companies for Slide Milling
  193. PMM Integrated Rear Sight (IDRS)
  194. Laser Boresighter
  195. Bushnell RXS-250
  196. Glock Non-MOS Dilemma
  197. Leupold Delta Point Micro (DPM)
  198. Forward Controls Plate/RMR
  199. What is the height of the rear of a DPP?
  200. Best Battery for Red Dot Optics
  201. RFI- Hipower RMR Milling
  202. Burris Fastfire 4
  203. Leupold DPmicro
  204. Caliber/Platform impact on RDS longevity?
  205. Dovetail, picatinny, or milled slide for .22 LR?
  206. Red Dot Proof of Concept Sight
  207. Selecting Dot(s) for EDC *and* USPSA
  208. CHPWS site visit
  209. Holosun 2021 Lineup
  210. Red Dot Sights and Night Vision
  211. Does a low optic cut really matter
  212. Large dot vs small dot and why
  213. Grace Optics M1
  214. Considerations for red dots on slimline pistols
  215. In stock SRO 5 moa?
  216. Damn Red Dots!
  217. Airsoft Pistols or Blue Guns for RDS Training?
  218. Holosun 507K Vs Trijicon RMR
  219. Milling P226 for ACRO?
  220. Contact with CHPWS
  221. Reference article on optic footprints
  222. Springfield Armory HEX optic
  223. P320 RX X Carry With Romeo 1 Issues
  224. “Duty” Gun Red Dot Glock Setup?
  225. Glock MOS vs Milled 3rd Party Systems like Unity?
  226. Is there a good solution to mounting an RMR or RMRcc on a Glock 43X or Glock 48 yet?
  227. Chambers custom red dot plate.. As good as it gets for a 1911
  228. Best Off the Shelf Glock RDS Option
  229. In appreciation of Mark Housel
  230. Lithium for Comp M4 & M5
  231. New to Pistol RDS
  232. Real Life Aimpoint battery life
  233. Cerakote or Black Nitride for Optic Cut?
  234. Delaware State Police Adopts SIG SAUER P320 Pistols with Factory Installed ROMEO1PRO
  235. Primary Machine stopping custom milling
  236. Info on thread locker, torque specs
  237. M&P 9mm laser
  238. Holosun HE509T for $399.99
  239. Dots and lights
  240. Dimemsional print of HS 507Kx2
  241. Trijicon SRO Battery Cover Removal Tool
  242. Glock 43 w/ RMRcc
  243. CHPWS or trijicon plate for 1911s
  244. RDS Mounting Question
  245. Romeo Zero issue
  246. Has the Romeo1 (not the Pro) improved at all?
  247. New 43xMOS inbound... looking to put a 507k on it
  248. Holosun circle and circle dot for EDC
  249. My pistol-mounted RDS thoughts...is there something new I'm missing?
  250. Red Dot Best Practices? Slide Manipulations, Dot Brightness, etc.