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    Quote Originally Posted by Wheeler View Post
    Just a leetle .22...

    I've been hunting for a model 18 at a reasonable price for a bunch of years. It'd be a mate to a model 15 Combat Masterpiece I own. I have a 617 that fills the .22 revolver role just fine….but I really want an 18.


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    Hello from middle Europe.
    (Yes, I do actually carry FMJ since we are not allowed to use hollowpoints for self defence in Czech republic)

    At least .45 won´t shrink if things go really wrong (loaded with hot SWC). But honestly: SR1911 is mostly my range toy.

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    Had a surprise day off from work today so I made a trip around to my local gun shops.
    First stop was the brand spankin' new Cabelas in Greenville. It was beautiful. Picked up a few 40 round p-mags for $20 each just because I had never come across them before. I coon-fingered (Tam-ism) a used S&W 317 but couldn't bring myself to pay $599 for it. I was on a different mission.
    Hit PSA and a few other places looking for a good deal on a Colt AR. Last stop was my local Academy where they had one 6920 for $999.99 (actually mislabeled but they honored the tag). Couldn't be happier. Going to hit the range Friday and get everything zeroed in.

    I was hoping to come across one of the newer CSR-1516's but this beauty was too good to pass up.

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    Finally put my "play" gun together.

    The answer, it seems to me, is wrath. “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” -Lincoln Specialization is for insects.

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    Designed in Solidworks from a blank New Part. Complete FEA on frame, suspension, steering, etc. Concept to completion in 9 months and $8,000. Sadly the University funded it as a vehicle instrumentation platform and owns it.

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    TEXAS !
    SCAR 17 with TR-24 Green Triangle in ADM mount



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